About Cosmic Visual

Cosmic Visual is an award-winning production company, based in the center of The Netherlands but operates all over the world. We produce (short) fiction films, documentaries, tv- and online commercials and branded content for marketing companies and powerful brands such as LG, Oad, Homey, Center For Body Language and The Young Ones.

Our mission is to tell compelling stories. ​Whether we produce commercials, documentaries or fiction films, we are always looking for a deeper meaning of our story. ​Film in essence is emotion and so we go beyond the idea of shooting beautiful images.

Our productions always tell a STORY, have MEANING and communicate EMOTION.

Beeldend Licht
Homey by Athom
Flex Metal Jacket
De Jeweetwels
The Experiment
Handsome Poets – Lucky One
Solis – Seasonal jobs
Fokke Baarssen

Cosmic Visual is founded and run by film director and producer Fokke Baarssen. Visit his personal website to find out more about him and other projects that he works on.

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